BridgeWave Communications Wireless Fiber FSO Alternatives

Cut Costs and Achieve Rapid ROI with BridgeWave's Wireless Leased-Line Alternatives

Discover the benefits of utilising cutting-edge high-capacity wireless connectivity solutions to replace leased lines.

Typical BridgeWave customers - service providers, enterprises, healthcare facilities, education institutions and government organizations - are able to cut recurring operating expenses by replacing their E1, E3, frame-relay, SDSL, ISDN, STM-1, dark fibre or other leased-line services with point-to-point wireless links and achieve return on investment in less than a year.

Would you like to learn how you can improve productivity and control costs with BridgeWave's affordable high-capacity wireless links?

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gigabit Ethernet wireless bridge AR60 GE60 FE60u “We needed a quick and cost effective way to improve the reliability of our existing network and also provide services to some of our remote areas not connected to the fibre network.”

Lawrie Morrisson
Chief Executive Officer
Group Manager, Electrical Engineering
Redbridge Council, UK

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