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BridgeWave Communications' FE60X Sets 60 GHz Wireless Distance Record

Santa Clara, CA - November 7, 2005 - BridgeWave Communications, the leading supplier of multi-gigabit wireless solutions, announces its new FE60X 100Mbps Ethernet wireless link. The FE60X operates at distances up to 1.5 miles - by far the longest operating range of any 60 GHz wireless link on the market.

The FE60X is based on BridgeWave's FE60 wireless link, with the addition of a two-foot external antenna and a transmitter operating at the highest FCC-allowed power level. Like the FE60, the FE60X link provides a full-rate, low-latency, 100Mbps Ethernet connection to extend LANs between enterprise buildings and complement network operator fiber deployments.

“Users of lower-frequency license-free bands are looking at 60 GHz as a solution for the growing frequency congestion at 2.4 and 5GHz,” explained Amir Makleff, BridgeWave's President and CEO. “With the FE60X's increased operating range, users now have a robust, interference-free alternative for the majority of high-capacity wireless applications.”

The FE60X has a list price of $18,900, competitively-priced with lower-frequency 100Mbps solutions. The FE60X is available for order through BridgeWave's leading wireless value-added resellers and distributors with shipments starting in late November.

About BridgeWave Communications
Founded in 1999, BridgeWave Communications is the leading supplier of outdoor Gigabit wireless connectivity solutions. The company’s exclusive AdaptRate™ and AdaptPath™ technologies combined with its advanced Forward Error Correction capability deliver the highest availability at the longest distances for full-rate gigabit links. BridgeWave’s point-to-point, wireless solutions are widely deployed in mainstream enterprise and service provider network applications and are poised to play a key role in the migration to 4G mobile network backhaul. With the largest installed base of GigE radios worldwide, BridgeWave delivers the highest levels of product quality and reliability.

BridgeWave Communications
Kyle Freitas